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Wardrobe Doors - Shaker or Flat?FROM THE BLOG 09TH August / NEWS

Wardrobe Doors - Shaker or Flat?

The contents of your wardrobe can be eclectic as you like (who says you can’t own a three-piece suit and a floral sarong?!) but if the wardrobe itself doesn’t suit the style of your home, you may end up with bedroom storage that can be a bit jarring on the eye. As a joinery team, we deal with wardrobes on a daily basis and one of the main challenges is selecting the right design to compliment the style of the room (and property in general). We’re going to compare the traditional shaker style door with a more contemporary flat door. Obviously, there are a huge number of other factors that effect the overall look and feel of a wardrobe - for example; material, finish, colour etc – but possibly none more so than the design of the doors.