December 16,2016

How to Hygge

Pronounced ‘hoo-gah’, hygge is a simple and refreshing concept of living cosily, it’s set to take over the world – and we couldn’t be happier about it!

Central to hygge is decluttering your life, and this includes everything from your home to what you carry in your bag.

Hygge sprung from an interior design concept, which was focused on making your home look happy and cosy. It dates way back to the 18th century and is very loosely connected to the English word hug – and who doesn’t love a good old hug?

Hygge is a huge part of the Danish way of life, and despite the fact the Danish have less daylight than most, Denmark took the top spot on the United Nation’s World Happiness Report this year. If it works for the Danish we think it’s worth a go.

So how do you embrace the hygge trend? Start by enjoying the tasty things in life. We’re talking about cake and chocolate. Wine and cheese – anything that makes you smile. Start by putting your phone away and being present in the moment. Spend time with family and friends, and laugh. A hygge moment can be anything: a mug of hot chocolate in front of the fire, cosy bed socks, a relaxing dinner with friends, reading the Sunday papers in your library and enjoying a glass of white or red.

How many times have you been talking to your friend on the phone, and at the same time been doing something else? Hygge encourages people to just focus on one thing. Concentrate on that phone call with your friend and you’ll be amazed at how good it feels.

Multi-tasking is a definite no no. Hygge is about embracing and soaking up that downtime. Stop thinking and feeling like you always need to be doing something. Try and just sit and enjoy something, it could be a TV programme, movie or conversation with your loved one.

With our lives getting busier by the day hygge is something that millennial’s are beginning to embrace. We spend so much time rushing from one thing to the next our lives are a blur and we’re losing track of the fabulous things around us. Hygge creates a calming influence and sense of wellbeing that will do your body and mind

the world of good. Start being kind to yourself and enjoy your very own hygge moments. Hygge doesn’t exclude busy mums and dads either, it just encourages you to take time out as a family unit and share moment together, away from your phones!

Follow our top tips to live a little more Hygge:

Savour the simple things

That cup of tea or coffee you just made. Enjoy and every single sip. Eat that bagel and look up rather than down all the time

Don’t let the weather stop you

It rains in the UK a lot. But stop making excuses because of this and embrace it. Rainy days can either mean a change of clothes or a duvet day with your loved ones playing board games. Hygge encourages you to find an opportunity in the most grey and wettest of days.

Eat well

Hygge is all about eating the type of food you think you can’t eat. Carbs are no longer off limits (ok don’t be going crazy but a few are fine). The Danish savour their food and you won’t find a fad diet in sight!

Focus on interior design

Have a think about what you already have and adjust when needed. Take the time to have pride in your home. Your home should represent who you are. It’s a statement and it should reflect your personality.

Save and then spend

Not being wasteful is one of the biggest ways to achieve hygge. Don’t spend on big ticket items and then struggle for the rest of the month. Make a plan on what you need and want, save and then spend.

Happy Hygge!