March 02,2017

Outside In

With Pantone announcing it’s colour of 2017 as Greenery, it would seem now is the perfect time to bring the outside in, and purposefully collide exterior with interior to create a home that’s both elegant and playful with an outdoorsy feeling of freshness. 

It can be as simple and subtle as dotting a few small seasonal pot plants around your living room, or as bold and adventurous as a full blown greenery-filled statement wall (or even, ceiling).

For those who prefer the power of suggestion, a touch of paint or a subtle greenery-inspired wallpaper may be just the trick to create the feeling of outside without the need to water or prune any of your furniture!

Nature and greenery can often provide a sense of brightness and uplifting but can also instil a feeling of serenity and calm which, after the long slog of 2016, we could all do with! 

We’ve compiled a few ideas and colours we admire in an attempt to gently nudge you to embrace the green and really connect with Mother Nature in your home.