March 29,2017

Unique Conversions

Converted properties have provided us with some of the most unique, intriguing and charming living spaces all over the World. There’s a certain mystery and magic about taking a building (or structure) that was never intended to be lived in and transforming it into a home. We’ve picked out a small selection of weird and wonderful conversions that, at the very least, deserve applause for creativity and invention.

Factory – Melbourne:


This former leather factory is now a quirky, artistic 3 bed/2 bath living space. No major structural work was undertaken, but a designer and artist duo whitewashed the interior to give themselves a blank canvas to unleash their creative sides. Click here to find out more

School Bus:


2 city dwellers with a love of the great outdoors turned this old School bus into a super cozy space with all the modern luxuries. A wonderful example of simple living. Click here to find out more

Church – East Sussex:


Over 20 years ago now, this Chapel (once part of a Monk-run boarding School) was converted into a 3 bed family home and has been extensively refurbished over the years. The high vaulted ceilings and exposed timber beams help to maintain the original charm of the building.  Click here to find out more

Barge – Stockholm:


This 1909 Barge, located in Sodermalm, Stockholm, was converted into a 1600 square foot 2 bed/2 bath floating home. Click here to find out more

Water Pumping Station – Yorkshire:


This 1848 ‘Pump House’ in the spa town of Ilkley, West Yorkshire, was converted into a beautifully contemporary 3 bed/2 bath home. The modern interior makeover provides a wonderful contrast to the original exterior of the building. Click here to find out more

Shipping Containers – Costa Rica:


Another couple with an affinity for Mother Nature decided to turn a pair of shipping containers into a home with a view.  Surrounded by the natural landscapes of Costa Rica, the containers have been cleverly designed and positioned to allow views of the rising and setting sun. Click here to find out more

Warehouse – Melbourne:


Original features were beautifully blended with modern design to convert this former warehouse into a 3 bed/2 bath living space. City views, courtyard and Island bench area helps to connect this home to its surroundings.  Click here to find out more

Bus – Israel:


This old public bus was on its way to the scrapyard before 2 women, inspired by an article on alternative housing solutions, saw an opportunity. They designed a mini, moving home around the original layout of the bus.  Click here to find out more

Church – East Cambridgeshire:


This delightful Victorian Church in rural East Cambridgeshire was converted into a 3 bed family home. Like many other converted Churches, the charm and character of the conversion comes from the original features, such as the oak timber roof and leaded glass windows. Click here to find out more

Water Tower – Cheshire:


AEW Architects Director, Andy Crithclow, converted this derelict water tower into a 4 storey/5 bed home with a view. Sustainability and creativity at its finest. Click here to find out more