November 08,2017

Colourful Statement Radiators

What do we want? Heating! When do we want it? Well it’s November, so now really.

That once mild weather that recently turned “chilly” has now suddenly taken an icy leap into full blown winter frost, and it’s this time of year that we rekindle those dormant relationships with our wonderful, old friends. Radiators. When Winter comes around, our trusty radiators work harder than Santa’s elves, keeping us warm and dry, so why not pay them back with a nifty little makeover. Instead of hiding them behind a radiator cover, embrace their presence and make a colourful feature of them.

It’s amazing what a lick of paint can do to transform these often-forgotten appliances. Just make sure you use a paint that is suitable for metal, and ideally one that can withstand the heat. (satin, gloss and eggshell will likely be suitable) See Crown’s tips on How To Paint A Radiator

If you’re going for striking colours on the walls, don’t leave the radiators out. Give them a coat of the same colour to seamlessly blend them into your daring paintwork.

Or alternatively, go for a complete contrast to your walls to create a real feature and focus point of your radiator. Pastel colours work beautifully against big, bold, vibrant walls.

If your style is slightly more dark, subtle and moody, you can still transform your radiator into a thing of beauty with a coat of the right colour.

If you want to get really playful, experiment with different shades to create a fade effect. This Sunset style paint job really stands out against the plain white wall.

You can add a splash of colour to a radiator in any room of the house, as this understated kitchen heater demonstrates.

If you’ve got exposed pipes, don’t just stop at painting the radiator, the more flashes of colour the better.

This cleverly disguised radiator has been painted in 2 different colours to match the body of the radiator to the wall and the pipes to the skirting board.

Even the colour you chose can suggest ‘heat’ tricking the mind into thinking it’s warm even if it’s not. But hopefully it is.

And finally, a lick of gold paint for the ultimate radiator bling.

Happy Heating!