October 02,2017

Copper, Gold & Brass

When it comes to adding metallic elements to your interior, it’s time to ditch the harsh, cold and clinical touches of chrome and steel, and instead embrace the warmth, character and robustness of copper, gold and brass. With Autumn very much in full swing, it’s time to bring some of those warm, golden shades inside as well.

Copper has been on the rise for a couple of years now and is still going strong, and it seems that Gold and Brass are now fully on that interior trend band wagon. Many predicted the return of these much-loved metals last year, and those predictions were spot on. So, for anyone who was slightly apprehensive about introducing touches of copper, gold and brass into their home last year, can now fully commit safe in the knowledge that they will be bang on trend. Here’s a few ways you can introduce these materials into your home.



Whether in their brightest, most vibrant forms, or in a subtle antique finish, these metals wonderfully compliment mirrors to create a stunning feature piece on any wall. They work fantastically well against light, pastel shades providing a sense of warmth, but at the same time can bring a touch of shimmer to darker, moodier palettes.

Rowen & Wren – Indar Brass Hanging Mirror

Exclusive Mirrors – Copper effect set of 3 modern mirrors

Perch & Parrow – Newport round mirror in antique gold



The perfect way to inject some warmth into a room that’s not normally connected with cosiness, is to invest in a freestanding tub which will not only give you the perfect place to relax, but will provide you with the ultimate ‘wow’ factor item for your bathroom. Copper, Brass and Gold finishes are not only very easy on the eye, they’re extremely hard wearing and look great with bubbles too.

Catchpole & Rye – ‘The Copper Bateau’ with nickel interior

Catchpole & Rye – ‘The Brass Bateau’ with painted charcoal exterior

Bernstein Badshop – Paris Premium Gold Bathtub


Taps and Valves

If you can’t quite justify splashing out on a freestanding bathtub masterpiece but still want to add some warm metallic elements to your bathroom, shop around for some beautiful taps, shower valves or even a sink in brass, copper and gold tones. They work wonderfully well with traditional and more contemporary styles.

Rudge & Co. – left to right – Antique Gold, Weathered Brass, Weathered Copper, French Copper

Chadder & Co. – left to right – Rubbed Copper, Weathered Copper, Rubbed Brass


Door Handles

A simple, modest door can be completely transformed by its handles. Kitchen cupboards, wardrobe doors, internal doors, bathroom vanity doors…you get it, any door can receive a makeover with a cleverly selected handle, and metallic handles don’t just provide the look, they’ve got the feel factor too.

nimtim architects – Westbourne Gardens project – contemporary brass handles

Amuneal – Warm Brass handles

Buster + Punch – Brass Pull Bar

Proper Copper Design (Not On The Highstreet) – Cheeky Copper T-Bar Pull

William Smalley Architect – Brass



Possibly the most subtle (but brilliantly effective) way to introduce a touch of these metals into your interiors is to inlay them into a contrasting material to add a real sense of class and harmony to a wardrobe door, table or even wall covering. As they say, less is more and that is often the case with Copper, Gold and Brass.

Leconfield Property Group – Brass inlay wardrobes

Made Studio – Walnut table with brass inlay

Monjur Surfaces – Novacolor Marmorino plaster with brushed copper inlay


Metal Surfaces

A sure-fire way to let people know that you are confident in your commitment to the warm metal trend is to cover a whole wall or item of furniture in Copper, Gold and Brass tones, and with the rise and expansion of different surfaces, laminates and tiles now available, it’s easy to do so.  These expertly designed surfaces create the look and feel of metal (or concrete, stone etc) but with the flexibility and versatility of a laminate or veneer.

Solus Ceramics – Copper effect tiles on a modern fireplace

IMI Surface Design metal effect board – left to right – Brass, Copper Diamond, Copper

Mixx Cladding – real copper cladding kitchen units