October 27,2017

How to create a Chic Halloween

Boo! The spooky season is upon us and for those who like to embrace the festivities by decorating their homes, the scariest prospect is turning each room into a tacky mess of plastic skeletons and fake spider webs. Believe it or not, Halloween can be done subtly and, dare we say, with a touch of class. We’ve explored the many blogs and DIY tutorials out there to find the best ways to celebrate Halloween without even the slightest drop of fake blood.

Left: The Beauty Dojo Right: Homeyohmy

Nothing says Halloween like a Pumpkin (for some reason) and it seems the creative possibilities truly are endless when it comes to these fruits…or vegetables…think it’s a fruit. Coming in all shapes and sizes, the one thing we assumed to be a dead cert was that a Halloween Pumpkin was orange, and any other colour would anger the Devil, the Addams family and all the forces of evil. But it seems that’s not the case. We’ve picked out some of our favourite decorated Pumpkins to help create a chic Halloween. Above and left is the work of Andrea from The Beauty Dojo who, with the help of some chalk paint, stone spray paint and vinyl stick on letters, has created some understated but playful monochrome Pumpkins. See how she made them here. Sticking with the muted, subtle colour scheme, above and right is Amy from Homeyohmy’s take on a festive Pumpkin. Again, she used the ever-popular chalk paint and an oil-based paint pen to create her doodles. See her tutorial here.

Left: Elsie Marley Right: Taryn Whiteaker

Above are 2 examples of decorated fake Pumpkins, which seem to be popular in the US (There are websites that sell only fake Pumpkins!) Above and left is Elsie Marley’s cross-stitched approach, which she demonstrates here. Above and right is Taryn Whiteaker’s slightly less complicated, but equally effective modern metallic painted Pumpkin. See how she creates the effect here.

Left: Homeyohmy Right: A Subtle Revelry

Above and left, Amy from Homeyohmy goes all out bling and glitz with her Gold Confetti Pumpkins. See her tutorial here.  Above and right, Victoria from A Subtle Revelry explores the creative side of office supplies with her colourful push-pin Pumpkin. Although fairly self-explanatory, see how it’s done here. The beauty of all of these creations is that none of them require carving and digging around inside a slimy piece of fruit (definitely a fruit) and they really do add a touch of class and subtlety to your Halloween decorations.

Right: Apartment Therapy

It’s amazing what a lick of paint can do to help create a sense of Halloween without it being too garish or in-your-face. In the world of interior design, it seems like every month there’s a different colour being named ‘the new black’, but the colour that will always be the new black, funnily enough, is black. So it’s rather handy for those creating a chic, festive home that black is also considered a Halloween colour. These matt and gloss sprayed bottles used as candle holders wouldn’t look out of place in an ancient haunted house, and yet the simple, sleek appearance fits perfectly in a modern, minimalist home. Above and right is an example from Apartment Therapy of how painted plants can give that dark, mysterious feel without sacrificing class and style. These sprayed Japanese Lantern plants also last long enough to cross over from Halloween to Christmas.

Left: The Beauty Dojo Centre: My Cakies Right: Modcloth

Less is more with these simple ‘Boo’ wall features. Again, the understated use of black and white creates a subtle sense of elegance and charm, but also allows for a small injection of colour to compliment.  Andrea from The Beauty Dojo painted some leftover wooden letters in black, white and grey tones to use as a feature above her table of Halloween goodies. Above and centre, Rubyellen from My Cakies created a simple fabric ‘Boo’ banner, which is featured on A Beautiful Mess blog. See the tutorial here. Online shop Modcloth sell this ‘Boo-loon’ set with lettered balloons, pin wheels and coloured honeycomb decorations. See here.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you should completely redecorate your home just to impress the Trick or Treaters, but with a bit of well thought out design, the colours of Halloween can produce stunning effects.

As well as the obvious black and orange combo, greens and purples can be used both at the end of October and all year round.

Wishing you all a very chic, classy Halloween!