January 14,2018

How We Work: Focus On - Installation

How We Work : Focus on – Installation

Here’s a sneak peak behind the scenes of one of our installations. Designed and fitted by our Installations Manager, Gabriel (with help from senior fitter Lucas), this alcove joinery proved to be a successful and fairly straight forward project. Just the way we like it! So we decided to share some pictures of the 3 day process to show how our installation team work.

The building is relatively old and therefore has what we like to call ‘character’, so the only issues the team faced were slightly uneven walls. Luckily our boys are very adept at making the necessary adjustments to create a seamless, bespoke finish.

The white satin sprayed doors are nicely complimented by the natural oak veneer of the open shelving and solid oak routed door handles. The interior of the wardrobe is a melamine finish and the use of soft close doors and drawers adds a touch of luxury.

Once the room has been very carefully measured, the joinery is then designed to fit the space perfectly (we're talking fractions of mm accuracy!) The items of furniture are then lovingly crafted in our workshop, delivered to the property by our installation team and unwrapped from their carefully protected packaging. It's like Christmas for our team!

The team then starts to assemble all the separate pieces to create the finished product. Obviously tidying up as they go (they're very skilled with a henry hoover!)

The carcasses go up first.

Then they can begin to focus on the exterior elements.

Allowing access for any power sockets, cables etc.