July 11,2017

Magic Wallpaper

Imagine if your wallpaper could come to life to create bedtime stories. Now imagine if your little one could pick different characters from that wallpaper to tell a different story every night.  Now, stop imagining, it’s happening!

French DIY company Castorama has come up with Magic Wallpaper or Papier Plein d’Histoire (translated as ‘Paper Full of History’). The wallpaper and App combo means that you can scan the different characters on the wall with your smart device to open up an interactive bedtime story on your phone or tablet.

You can read the stories yourself with the help of some manually played sound effects to really bring it to life, or if you’re feeling extra sleepy (or just lazy) you can employ the audio storytelling feature to lie back and just listen.

There are 10 characters on the wallpaper, including a robot, a jogging rhino and a princess with an aversion to dresses! You might think that means there are only 10 stories. You thought wrong! You can scan in 2 characters at once to create a whole new story that centres around how the 2 characters relate, creating a huge amount of possible outcomes. What could the Ghost and the Panda get up to? Or the Alien and the Superhero?

As well as being a fantastically inventive and playful idea, Magic Wallpaper is also beautifully designed, making it well worth the current price of EUR 9.90 per roll. A wonderful collision of innovation, creativity and design.

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