May 24,2018

Make the most of your Mantel

When it comes to features that give a property that extra something, that ‘Wow Factor’, you might first think of a home cinema, a pool or even a wine cellar, but one that’s sometimes overlooked is a fireplace. There’s something comforting and cosy about an original fireplace. It tells a story and gives a certain history to a room. So, for those who are lucky enough to have a fireplace, a great way to show it off to it’s full potential is with the addition of a mantel. Here’s a few tips on how to make the most of your mantel, after all it’s more than just a ledge to hold your cuppa.

Whether it’s big or small, modern or traditional, find the right ornaments and accessories to compliment the overall style of the room. Use it as an opportunity to display some splashes of colour and show off some of your prized possessions.

Go minimal and stripped back with natural, raw chunky wooden mantels and keep decoration to a minimum and strictly within keeping of the feel of the room. This can work with bright and breezy rooms or with a darker, more moody palette.

Or to completely contrast that, go-hard-or-go-home with an explosion of colour and textures to create a bustling mantle of trinkets and treasures. Throw a vivid and vibrant burst of colour in there with bright candles, vases, art and…whatever else you feel like displaying.

Mirrors and picture frames don’t always have to live on the wall. Use your mantel to rest a piece of art or decorative mirror to create a stunning focal point, but remember it might be a good idea to attached it somehow, nobody wants 7 years bad luck.

Whatever the design and style of your mantel, bringing a touch of nature inside can always add a touch of charm and beauty. Adding flowers or greenery can really bring your fireplace to life.