June 13,2017

Marble and...

When we think of marble, we think of wealth, grandeur and majesty. We think of the splendour of the Taj Mahal, the glory of the Lincoln Memorial and the greatness of Roman Architecture perfectly displayed in the form of The Altare della Patria.

Well, maybe we don’t think all of that straight away! But it’s there, in the back of our minds. Derived from the Greek word marmaros, (loosely translated as Snow White, Spotless Stone) marble invokes a sense of affluence and refined living. 

Marble (especially white marble) made quite the style comeback a few years ago, and it seems that comeback will last for a while longer, with this natural stone asserting itself as an interior trend for 2017. As is the case with most materials that suggest quality and wealth, it’s not just a suggestion. Marble is an expensive stone. Beautiful, strong and long-lasting, but expensive.

This means that not everyone can afford to live like emperors with floor-to-ceiling marble rooms, but the beauty of incorporating marble into your interiors, is that the neutrality of it means it compliments a whole host of other stunning and less pricey materials.

The mix of clean, cool marble and raw, unfinished concrete creates a simple and sleek finish that works particularly well in the bathroom. The neutral palette also allows for some flashes of colour giving you the freedom to be as creative as you dare when accessorising.  

Another material that continues to grow ever more popular in Interior Design is Copper. With its strikingly vibrant (almost rose gold) appearance, copper provides a delightful contrast to the soft, smooth, gentle hues and patterns of white marble.

Wood continues to play an enormously integral part in all aspects of Interior and Architectural Design, whether that be veneers, natural, stained, painted, reclaimed or any other form of wood. So it seems we have just grown accustomed to the fact that wood rarely clashes with another material (although I’m sure there are examples to the contrary). But there really is something so satisfying about seeing two of mother nature’s greatest creations fused together to create beautiful, sleek and stylish designs.

Maybe it’s the fact that both stone and trees have such defined and unique structural DNA. The veins, swirls and impurities found in natural marble echo the spirals and knots that occur in trees, giving wood its fingerprint-like grain. Incorporating these two materials into your home ensures you have something that is both beautiful and truly bespoke.