November 22,2017

Televisions In Disguise

Televisions have come a long way since the days of heavy bulky boxes which, to be honest, were an eyesore in most living rooms. Super-slim, ultra-sleek screens are now the norm, and when fixed to a wall, a TV can be extremely inconspicuous. But what if ‘inconspicuous’ is not enough? What if you want your screen to be invisible or completely disappear when it’s not in use? Well, here’s a few examples of how to do just that.

The 3 examples above are the handy work of Luxury Lifestyle London who have created an exclusive range of Mirror TVs. Like something you’d expect to see in James Bond’s bachelor pad, these creations seamlessly transform from Mirror to TV screen at the touch of button. With over a 100 different frames to choose from and screen sizes from 15” to a monstrous 150”, there’s a Mirror TV to fit any home and style. It seems the perfect way to blend your TV into the background, avoiding any clash between aesthetic and practicality.

As if a hidden Mirror TV in the living room wasn’t enough, Australian company Liquifi provide custom sized, waterproof mirror panels with integrated TV screens that are perfect for your Bathroom, Kitchen, Sauna, Steam Room or pretty much anywhere you wish to watch TV.

Not everyone wants a huge mirror on display, so another option for disguising your TV screen is to hide it behind a picture or a piece of artwork. TV Coverups specialise in turning your screen into a beautiful and personal focal point when it’s not in use. Whether recessed into the wall or part of the frame itself, your screen can be covered up with artwork of your choice and then lifted manually or via remote control when your favourite show is on.