September 21,2018

The Scandi look for every room?

The Scandi look for every room?

When it comes to simplicity and minimalism, nobody does it quite like the Scandinavians. So take a leaf out of their book when it comes to de-cluttering your home. While some people may prefer to make a big statement with bold colours and mad patterns, the Scandi style is all about keeping it simple but effective.

Soft, calming colour schemes with plenty of white and natural light wood are the trademarks of Scandinavian design, but do they work in every room? The short answer is yes, but where’s the fun in that?

Smaller homes may benefit from the light, bright openness that a Scandi style brings to the table and are often employed throughout, while those lucky enough to have space and rooms to spare might want to mix it up a bit, throw some variation in and only Scandi-nize (is that a word?) the odd room here and there.

But which rooms lend themselves to the Scandi-style best?


Flat doors, clean lines and that trademark mix of white and raw wood help to create a sense of tranquillity in what can sometimes be a room filled with chaos. Especially now we’re coming into Sunday Roast season!

Dining Room

There’s something very elegant about a minimal approach to design, and who doesn’t want elegance when it comes to hosting a dinner party? Or just for enjoying your Sunday morning coffee?

Living Room

The living room is the perfect room to introduce a splash of colour to compliment the subtle simplicity of Scandi design, and it’s often pastel shades and muted colours that work well. A bit of greenery also adds a touch of the great outdoors that’s mirrored in the natural wood elements.


As a child, if you weren’t constantly being told off by your parents for not keeping your bedroom tidy then something was clearly wrong. But you get it now, right? Bedrooms are much better when there’s no sign of clutter. Enter Scandi-style!


Cleanliness is pretty high up on the list of priorities when it comes to bathrooms. In fact it probably tops the charts for most people, so for a design that suggests purity and cleanliness, this works perfectly. Scandi style also creates a sense of freshness, which is perfect for a room where most people start their day.

Kids Room 

Kids are messy, there’s no way around that. So this is the one room that we’re not sure works perfectly for the pristine whiteness of Scandi style. However, those splashes or colour and patterns allow for a really playful edge.

To sum up..does a Scandi-style work in every room of the house?

Quite simply, yes!