March 27,2018

Triumphant Traditional Bathrooms

When it comes to Bathrooms, there’s a lot to be said for ultra-modern design, where sleekness and minimalism is key. You know the sort of Bathrooms we’re talking about; monochrome, sharp lines, voice activated showers and not a handle in sight. But for those of you not ready to commit to the Space Age, you can’t beat a good old traditional Bathroom. And by traditional, we don’t mean old, boring and dated. Far from it. Not only do traditional Bathrooms stand the test of time, but they can be playful, elegant and perfectly compliment little contemporary touches.

Here’s a selection of some of our favourite Traditional Bathrooms we’ve worked on: 

Playful Colours

 Shaker style cabinets are often the main focus when it comes to Traditional style interiors, whether that be wardrobes, kitchens or bathrooms. Here, we’ve combined traditional and playful with a splash (excuse the bathroom pun) of eye-catching colour. The cheerful owl knobs help too!

Dark and Brooding

 When it comes to interiors, there are always colours competing for the title of ‘The New Black’, but more often than not, you just can’t beat the original. A curved shaker style vanity, mirror frame and wall panelling all in this dark, moody hue contrasts brilliantly with the bright white and marble effect in this bold and elegant bathroom.

The Wonder of Wood

 Sometimes though, there’s nothing more beautifully traditional than natural, bare wood. This lively yellow bathroom is finely balanced by the raw wooden touches, creating a sense of tradition without losing it’s quirky charm.

Graceful Greys

These three grey vanities demonstrate the many variations that can be achieved while remaining in the ‘Traditional’ bracket. Layout, lighting, colour and detailing (amongst many other factors) can transform bathroom and help to make it truly unique and bespoke. Greys can add a subtle touch of class and look especially stunning when side by side with white marble.