Image: A tale of two woods
  • LOCATION: West Sussex GU28
  • BUDGET: £65,000

A tale of two woods

A passion for oak and walnut creates ‘His & Hers’ luxury closets

Word-of-mouth recommendation gave Barbara Genda the opportunity to work for this prestigious, Surrey-based client who needed additional storage for master dressing rooms and four children’s bedrooms. The design involved creating luxurious and spacious His & Hers dressing rooms using the client’s two favourite natural woods, oak and walnut. For his dressing room, the rich walnut was complemented by a beautiful checkerboard

inlay pattern on the doors. Oak was used in the female dressing, adopting the same inlay pattern with an eye-catching cabinet with mirrored backing and glass shelves. For the children’s loft bedrooms, beautiful eaves wardrobes were designed in oak veneer and positioned under the sloping roof to make the most of the space.


For a truly masculine finish, the deep walnut of the wardrobes is further enhanced by the cedar wood interior, solid cedar hanging rail and cedar dovetailed drawer boxes. For that extra touch of luxury, Barbara Genda added leather-lined drawers and trouser rails.


A softer oak was used in this feminine space, but complemented by the same checkerboard inlay pattern. Mirrored doors created additional lighting and the useful handbag drawers and rails provide ample storage space.


Eaves wardrobes were a quirky and space-saving option instead of wardrobes, with a sliding mirrored door leading to the en-suite bathroom beyond. The oak veneer with solid oak edging gives a sturdy and attractive finish for a children’s space.