Image: A friendly challenge
  • LOCATION: Surrey RH8
  • BUDGET: £12,500

A friendly challenge

Seamless design for a traditional master bedroom

One of the greatest challenges Barbara Genda faces is when a close friend requires her services. She can’t say no and the pressure is on to deliver something they will truly love. For Barbara’s friend Sally, the brief was to update a master bedroom with new wardrobes

in a way that blended beautifully with existing wood paneling. The design solution was to copy the existing beading detail and make old and new blend seamlessly together, giving the appearance that they had always been in the room.


Barbara designed two sets of wardrobes with plywood veneered in oak and incorporated all the necessary elements that every woman wants! Solid oak hanging rails, traditional hand-crafted shelf supports, dovetailed oak drawer boxes and solid maple hand-painted doors with butt hinges that were later covered in wallpaper by the client.