Let’s start the journey! So how do you get from the ideas stage to creating a beautiful home, with lots of storage options, that perfectly matches your needs, desires and style? To help you with the bespoke commission, please read through the information below and let's begin your new home journey.

Start A Project

During an initial telephone conversation, or meeting within our London studio, we will gain a full understanding of your requirements and preferred budget. We need to grasp all your storage needs – how many pairs of shoes, an idea of your winter/summer wardrobe, suits, handbags, hats and so on. We also encourage you to bring any ideas you have with you – cut out photographs of styles you like from magazines, bring fabric swatches, or even your own story board. This gives us a better idea of your personal style, preferences and needs. From here, we can prepare a draft proposal for you.

If required at this stage, one of our designers may have to do an on-site visit in order to assess the space, take measurements and discuss finishes in greater detail. While we are happy to offer the initial consultation in our studio or within a short distance of our base free of charge, we may have to charge a fee of £120+ for consultations further afield (though this fee is paid at the time of the visit, when you confirm your project, it will be deducted from your final order).

Following our meeting, we will provide a written quote, detailing the specifications and estimated costs.

  • Initial discussion with client
  • Understanding design requirements
  • Estimated costs and timescale
Frequently asked questions

Every piece of furniture made by Barbara Genda and her team is unique and bespoke. We don’t have ‘off-the-shelf’ answers to your problems. Instead, we offer you open, honest and concise solutions that think outside the box.

  • Why should I choose Barbara Genda?

    It is testament to our quality and professionalism that 90% of our business comes through personal recommendations from current and past customers. Our bespoke service involves our experienced designers visiting your home and discussing your requirements face to face. We create beautiful bespoke furniture, made just for you and your space.

  • Can I see examples of your furniture?

    We have a small showroom within our offices in London where you can see some of our bespoke fitted furniture. We can also supply material samples, and we have an extensive photographic archive of all of our previous projects.

  • Why should I buy bespoke?

    The beauty of bespoke furniture is that you are in control every step of the way: from the design and finish to budgets and timescales – choosing bespoke furniture is more a luxury service than a product. Designs are tailored to you and your lifestyle, saving more space than ‘off-the-shelf’ products and designed to specific tastes and styles.

  • How much will my furniture cost?

    We encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss prices, which depend on the product, the finishes and labour required. As an approximate guide, we estimate £1,000-£1,500 per linear metre. The very nature of bespoke furniture means that we are unable to display ‘set’ prices on our website, but you can rest assured that we are extremely competitive. Please remember that bespoke furniture is a luxury service and is always more expensive than off-the-shelf products.

  • How long will it take to make the furniture?

    Please allow eight to ten weeks from the sign-off of production drawings to being ready for installation. When your furniture has arrived, we will contact you to arrange suitable installation dates. Please bear in mind that the pre-production/pre-order time can take a number of weeks before we are all ready to sign-off for production.

  • How do you ensure that I get exactly what I want?

    Following our in-depth discussions, we prepare 3D drawings, CAD drawings and 3D models showing all elevations and a cross section to give you a visual idea of how your furniture will look. We also supply you with samples of all finishes. Any amendments you require will be discussed and agreed with you prior to your project being signed-off for production.

  • How should I prepare for a design consultation?

    Let’s start with the problem – that will help us work out the solution. Think of your needs and requirements from your furniture. Consider your budget, any materials you would like to use, and look for inspiration from our portfolio or from the web or magazines. We have to know what you need to store – whether shoes, clothes, books, files etc – in order to accommodate everything in the design. The more information you share with us, the more your bespoke furniture will meet your exact needs.

  • What happens if my furniture gets damaged?

    If your furniture is damaged due to a material defect, we will endeavour to repair it or replace the defective parts. We offer a five-year guarantee on all of our furniture, and one-year guarantee on lighting. Over and above this, we are happy to offer you advice and support for the lifetime of your furniture.